Team Traditions
First Competition of the Season
Team Colors:  Black and White, Red and Yellow
Team Mascot:  Bulldog
Team Motto:  Never, never, never, never, never give up.  (Winston Churchill)
Team Cheer:  Seven dog barks, one for each word in the motto

The team mascot, motto, and cheer were suggested to the Jazzicals at their first
competition in 1988 by Coach Michaela’s father, Dr. Quentin Milani, a true fan of the
sport and of the Jazzicals.  He was given permission to use the ideas by the
president of a well-known skating team from Chicago, Illinois.
The Reverend Dr. Timothy Long, who has five children on Jazzicals teams, brings his
pet bulldog Armstrong to the Milani Research Complex parking lot on the day we
leave for our first competition of the season.  He prays for the safety of all our teams,
and then all the Jazzicals skaters and coaches line up and file by Armstrong to touch
his head.  (Armstrong is very friendly and never bites but he does lick.)  Coach
Michaela is always the last person in the line.  This is a fun and very touching
tradition that we all like a lot.

(written by Eric Ralph Long, Preliminary)

There are many traditions that Jazzicals teams follow for the First Competition of the
Season, which for us has always been the Atlanta Open a week before
Thanksgiving.  Mr. William Wilson, the President of the Jazzicals, gives the bus
drivers black and white Jazzicals caps and little stuffed bulldogs.  The Senior team
always gives Hershey's kisses to the Novice team.  At the beginning of the season,
each Junior skater is assigned a little brother or sister on the Preliminary team, and
at the first competition, the Juniors give presents to their little sib.  The Juvenile and
Intermediates always exchange apples and bananas because they both won
Nationals one year after singing
I Like To Eat Eat Eat Apples and Bananas all the
way to the competition.

(written by Amity Wilson, Captain Novice team)
Jazzicals Team Hug
After all competition events, all members of the team, including the coaches and
parent managers, gather close for a big group hug.  The tradition was created by Brit
Mozzarelli after Karina Kowalski’s father died of cancer.  

(written by Brit Mozzarelli, Novice)
Adult Team Traditions
Our Jazzicals Adult team has developed several pleasant traditions.  We have a team
prayer that all of us join in right before we compete, and when people join the team
who are not from a Christian heritage, we invite them to say a prayer or good luck
wish from their particular belief system.  Before we compete, our beloved coach,
Paulina Osborne, always gives us Lifesavers because we need them.  Finally, we
always go out to eat together after we compete, since we all get to be pretty good
friends during the season.  One other tradition that we try to follow is that we always
come to the rink to cheer for our younger Jazzicals teams at competitions.  After all,
we are all part of the same Jazzicals family.

(written by Mr. Fritz Hadyn, Adult team)