Rules of Conduct
  1. Each Jazzicals skater is expected to treat all people around the world with
    respect.  Negative comments and critical remarks may results in the dismissal
    of a skater from the Jazzicals.
  2. Jazzicals has a zero tolerance policy for use of illegal drugs by team skaters and
    coaches.  Violaters of this policy will be dismissed from Jazzicals.
  3. During Jazzicals practices, competitions, and socials, skaters from all teams,
    regardless of age, as well as Jazzicals coaches, are forbidden to consume
    alcoholic beverages.  Violaters of this policy may be dismissed from Jazzicals.
  4. No swearing or violent or suggestive language is allowed by any Jazzicals
    skater, coach, or parent during Jazzicals practices, competitions, or socials.  
    Anyone who repeatedly breaks this rule may be dismissed from Jazzicals.
  5. During competitions, Jazzicals skaters are expected to stay with their
    chaperones or parents at all times.
  6. Jazzicals skaters are expected to show up to practices on time.  Skaters who are
    consistently tardy may be dismissed from the Jazzicals.
  7. Jazzicals skaters are expected to wear their practice outfits to every Jazzicals
    practice.  Skaters who do not consistently comply will not be allowed to practice
    or compete.
  8. Jazzicals skaters are allowed to miss practices for the following reasons:  sick
    or injured with doctor’s written excuse, funeral, church obligation, school
    obligation.  Emergency work obligations may also be considered a valid excuse,
    but consistent absence due to work, school, or any other reason, even a valid
    reason, will result in a skater losing their spot in the line.  Skaters must inform
    their coaches of conflicts in writing at least two weeks in advance, or if sick or in
    the event of a funeral or an emergency obligation, must call the coach of their
    team or their Team Manager as early as possible before the practice.  Skaters
    who miss a practice will temporarily lose their spot in the line and may be pulled
    from their spot at the next competition.  Note:  The coach of the team has the
    final authority to determine the competition lineup, and is not required to
    explain his/her reasons for their choices.