Interview with the Author
Janet Laforge interviews Sharon Whitlock
Janet:  Mrs. Whitlock, thank you for talking to me about your novel The Capitol Ghost.

Sharon:  Thank you for asking me, Janet.  

Janet:  And thank you for writing up our Preliminary story.  It was scary while it was
happening to us, but once it was over, it was fun to remember.

Sharon:  I’m glad you, Daniella, Mallory, and Eric Ralph told me the story.  I did a lot of
research about the ghost that lives in the North Carolina State Capitol building, and
when I lived in Raleigh, I visited the Capitol several times. My husband was in a 4th of
July play at the Capitol once.  He played Benjamin Franklin and wore a powdered wig.

Janet:  That’s cool. I like visiting the Capitol, too. And there are lots of other places in
Raleigh that you mention in the novel.  Shelley Lake, the Mecca, Sacred Heart
Cathedral, historic Oakwood.  If anyone reads the novel and comes to Raleigh to visit,
they’ll be able to see all those places that they read about in your books.

Sharon:  In 2008, the Eastern Sectional Synchronized Skating Championships will be
held in Raleigh, North Carolina.  I hope lots of skaters will come and have a great time
in the Capitol City.

Janet:  Mrs. Whitlock, do you think Preliminary skaters will enjoy reading The Capitol

Sharon:  Well, Janet, to be honest, I think the novel is a little advanced for most
Prelims.  I think that Juveniles and older skaters would feel more comfortable with the
advanced vocabulary in
The Capitol Ghost.  Also, the book is kind of sad in places, and
the stories about Karina and Officer Zander are more appropriate for teenagers and
grownups than for little children.

Janet:  I liked the part in the book when Karina was getting ready for her prom.  Even
though I’m only ten years old, I thought it was funny.  And I liked all the parts about
Armstrong the bulldog.  And I liked learning about Coach Tod Bartholomew and I’m
glad you talked about him.  And I liked the chapter about the skating test, too, but I
passed that test, so of course I liked it!  If I had failed, I probably wouldn’t like that part of
the book.

Sharon:  Skating tests can be really scary sometimes, can’t they?

Janet:  They sure can!  But not as scary as ghosts!  Thank you again for talking to me.

Sharon:  Thanks Janet.  Say hi to all the Jazzicals Prelims for me, and good luck this