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A few years ago, we asked one of our biggest fans, Mrs. Sharon Whitlock, to write up
our Jazzicals adventures into books.  She published our first novel,
Scheherazade Curse
, in 2005.  This is the story of a thrilling adventure that our
Novice Jazzicals team experienced during the 2000-2001 season.

This is the first-ever synchronized skating novel, so we hope that lots of synchronized
skaters and skaters from other disciplines and their parents and coaches will buy
The Scheherazade Curse.  Non-skaters who love adventure stories will also like our
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“Little girls can accomplish a lot.”

So says Officer Chuck Zander, Worldpol Juvenile Specialist,
as he works with the Novice Jazzicals Synchronized Skating
Team to thwart an international bioterrorism plot and rescue
a kidnapped missionary who uses the nickname

While struggling to overcome the “curse” on their
Scheherazade program music, the team helps Officer
Zander monitor a computer ice skating forum used by the
missionary to send coded messages.  Child psychologist
Dr. Michaela Milani coaches her Novices through a tough
season of cheers, tears, and fears, grinding practices,
tense competitions, medals and muddles, fights and
apologies, growing out of costumes that only last one
season, and growing into friendships that last forever.

The season ends with a nail-biting competition and a final
battle of wits with the kidnappers, as the Jazzicals learn that
losing a competition isn’t nearly as horrible as losing
someone you love, and winning a competition isn’t nearly
as wonderful as finding someone you love.
Don't forget our first two novels:
Several years ago, we asked one of our biggest fans, Mrs. Sharon Whitlock, to write
up our Jazzicals adventures into books.  Her second novel,
The Capitol Ghost, is a
scary skating story that actually happened to Junior team skater Karina Kowalski and
our youngest team, the Preliminary Jazzicals.

Synchronized skating fans will enjoy learning more about their sport in this novel.  A
portion of one of the chapters discusses a great U.S. synchronized skating coach,
Coach Tod Bartholomew.  Also, Mrs. Whitlock asked for input from skaters all around
the U.S and used their stories and quotes to write the chapter called "the Test,"
which is about a figure skating test session.

Even if you're not an ice skater, you'll enjoy trying to figure out the mystery in
Capitol Ghost.
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You can read a
sample chapter
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“Every once in a while, we see one of them.”

The Capitol Ghost is the story of ice skaters, street kids,
coaches, criminals, and the ghosts that walk among them.

Four children from the Preliminary Jazzicals Synchronized
Skating Team enlist brainy teenager Karina Kowalski to
help them hunt a ghost at the Capitol and save an elderly
night watchman’s honor. Karina uncovers the first clue, an
ancient prayer, and begins to trace the ghost through nearly
sixty years of history. But what will Karina sacrifice in her
zeal to help others? A figure skating test, a father, or even
her own life?

At the same time, a street gang in New York City is led by
teenaged poet Dayshawn Rogers. When Dayshawn’s little
sister is murdered, he requests help from Worldpol.
Dayshawn designs a plan that Officer Chuck Zander uses
to track down the murderer. But what will Dayshawn lose in
his zeal to help others? A publishing deal, a father, or even
his own life?

Even though the two groups never meet, their lives intersect
and influence people they don’t know, people in this world
and the next world.
Mrs. Sharon Whitlock has once again written up one of our Jazzicals adventures into
a book.
The White Rose Affair is the story of a life-and-death investigation that our
Intermediate Jazzicals found themselves in the middle of..
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White Rose

You can read a
sample chapter
“We must keep working. We have to tell the story of what
happened during the Holocaust. Our synchro program will
help people understand. No one must ever forget.”

A few weeks after 9/11, African-American coach Jems
Wilson choreographs a “Holocaust” program for the
Jazzicals Intermediate Synchronized Skating Team. The
program is supposed to fight hatred and teach the world
how to love. Instead, the program seems to ignite a wave of
hate crimes against the Jazzicals and their coach. Racist
symbols desecrate property, skates are vandalized, and
violent threats are raised against Jems.

In response, the team forms a White Rose Club, inspired by
the World War II underground resistance organization called
“The White Rose.” Hundreds of skaters from all over the
world join the club and pledge to “love one another.”

But the hate crimes continue and the Jazzicals begin to
suspect each other. No one knows who to trust. Karina
Kowalski and her substitute father, Officer Chuck Zander,
step into the mire of suspicion and deceit to try to solve the
mystery, and the Intermediates learn that they must be
willing to pay a high price to bring love to a world filled with

The White Rose Affair is the third novel in the Jazzicals
series about synchronized skating, the world’s fastest-
growing ice skating sport.