Milani Research Complex
The home rink of the Jazzicals.  We call it the MRC for short.
When Dr. Quentin Milani died in 1988, he left a twenty-million dollar legacy to Duke
University, with the condition that the money be used to build a “sports medicine
research facility” in the Research Triangle Park.  The facility was completed in 1989,
and named for Dr. Milani.  His only daughter, Dr. Michaela Milani, was appointed
Skating Director of the Milani Research Complex.

The MRC has two ice surfaces.  The main ice surface seats one thousand
spectators and is used for ice shows and exhibitions, and also for hockey and figure
skating classes and practices.  The MRC is the home rink of the world-ranked
Jazzicals Synchronized Skating Teams.   The smaller ice surface is used exclusively
for research projects.  Ice skaters at the MRC can earn free ice time by volunteering
to help with the research.

Many research projects are conducted at the MRC, and scientists from around the
world visit the facility to present seminars or to take advantage of the superb
amenities to conduct research.  The MRC includes a weight room, indoor running
track, swimming pool, dance studio, meeting rooms and lecture halls, and private
labs and offices for the scientists.  Also, many Research Triangle Park employees
and guests eat the MRC Cafeteria, which overlooks the Main Ice Rink.
Directions to the Milani Research Complex
The MRC is located in the Research Triangle Park.  Take I-40, Exit at the Research
Triangle Park Exit.  Follow the signs in the Park.