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Jazzicals News: The White Rose Affair  is now available!
Our third novel, The White Rose Affair, is now available!

Go to the “Buy Our Novels” page on our website to find out
more and order
The White Rose Affair. Read how Karina
Kowalski and her friends on the Intermediate team attempt to
track down a hate group that is infiltrating the Jazzicals teams.

If you haven't read the first two stories about the Jazzicals,
Scheherazade Curse
and The Capitol Ghost, they are both still
available as well.
(The Jazzicals is a fictional synchronized skating team.  Read their novels, The Scheherazade
Curse, The Capitol Ghost
, and The White Rose Affair, by clicking on the Buy Our Novels link to
the left, or the book cover above.)
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