Mrs. Paulina Osborne
Coach Juvenile, Adult Teams, Assistant Coach Novice Team
Coach Paulina began skating lessons when she was eight years old, and passed
her Gold Figures and Freestyle Tests.  A self-proclaimed tomboy, she was involved
in several other sports as a child and teenager, including horseback riding,
volleyball, softball, track and field, tumbling and trampoline, and ice hockey.   She
taught Learn To Skate classes while she was still a teenager and throughout her
college years.

She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Education and taught for
several years at North Ridge Elementary School in Raleigh.  After she married her
husband, Steve, an engineer, and had two children, Josh and Brandon, Coach
Paulina decided to switch to substitute teaching so that she would have time to
coach ice skating at the newly-completed Milani Reseach Complex.  

Coach Paulina enjoys working on the ice with all ages of children as well as adult
skaters.  Her sons are currently too young for Jazzicals, but are learning to skate from
their mother.