Ms. Nancy Green
Director of MRC Learn To Skate, Coach Recreational Teams
Coach Nancy grew up in a skating rink, determined to become an Olympic
champion.  She trained under some of the world’s best coaches and passed three
Gold tests by the time she was sixteen.   When she was eighteen, she quit skating
and moved to California.  After two years away from the rink, she began coaching
with the Recreational Skating Organization (RSO) Learn To Skate program.  She
discovered how much fun skating could be when the emphasis is on recreation,
personal achievement, and making friends rather than on making the Olympics.  

According to Coach Nancy, “I spent two years in California trying to spread my wings
and find freedom, and when I stepped back onto the ice and started stroking around,
I realized that I had always known how to fly.”

At the MRC, Coach Nancy serves as the Director of the Learn To Skate program, and
also coaches two recreational synchronized skating teams.  She takes a group from
the MRC to the Recreational World Championships every summer, and her
recreational synchro teams consistently medal at competitions all over the South.

Coach Nancy is known around the MRC for her positive personality and her endless
repertoire of jokes.  Many Raleigh-area skaters get started learning to skate and
many Jazzicals first learn about synchro with Coach Nancy, who strives to give every
skater a love of the ice.