Mr. Jason Fielding
Coach Preliminary Team
Jason Fielding, an IBM computer programmer, was a singles skater who won
numerous medals as a boy.  He switched from singles to dance when he was
twenty-one years old.  Ten years later, in 1984, after passing all the Ice Dance tests
and winning still more medals, IBM transferred him from Minnesota to Raleigh, North
Carolina.  Unfortunately, his dance partner and her husband moved to Silicon Valley
to start a software company.  Even more unfortunate, after he settled into his new
home, Jason discovered that there was no ice skating rink in Raleigh.  

When a small ice skating rink opened in 1986 in Cary, near Raleigh,  Dr. Michaela
Milani hired Jason as a coach.  He saw precision skating for the first time when the
Hockettes performed at an exhibition celebrating the opening of the Milani Research
Complex.  Jason was immediately hooked on the sport, and agreed to help Michaela
coach the Preliminary Jazzicals team.  His own three children were members of that
first Jazzicals Preliminary team.

Coach Jason demonstrated a gift for working with younger children, creating
choreography that was challenging but not discouraging, and earning the respect
and love of the children and their parents.  At the end of his first season with the
team, the Preliminary team won the first-ever Jazzicals Sectional medal, a Silver.  

Coach Jason is the creator and patent-holder of a computerized synchronized
skating choreography program called “I’ve Been Moved.”  He conducts workshops all
over the U.S. teaching coaches how to use I’ve Been Moved to create synchronized
skating programs for their own teams.